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Custom Auto Detailing & Refinishing


Chuck Mason Wet Look Custom Auto Detailing & Refinishing is an ECO FRIENDLY WATERLESS company.

With over 30 years experience as a Paint Correction Specialist, Chuck Mason has developed superior techniques and skills which has branded him one of the best in the Auto Detailing Business. His skills have earned him a reputation as “The Black Car Specialist”!

At “Chuck Mason Wet Look”, Chuck takes pride in his work. There are no short cuts and his passion for cars shine through.

He delivers your car back to you with a showroom finish every time!

Chuck has delivered high-end and classic cars for auction, concourse d' Elegant shows and SEMA for over 20 years. The cars that he has detailed are known to win best in show on many occasions.

There are many auto detailers to choose from, but very few can give your vehicle that mirror finish that gives the impression it was has been dipped in


Chuck Mason has developed his own wax and detail spray. While “The Wet Look” detailing products were specially designed for vehicles with black finishes, they also provide superior results on vehicles of every color. CALL US! Whether you are at your home or office, we will come to you and restore your car finish to show quality.


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